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My passion lies in helping young professional find the happiness that they are seeking in all aspects of their lives. From a frustrating daily grind at the office, to dissatisfaction with personal appearance, to communication issues with a romantic partner, I work with individuals to find what is missing from their life and help them move toward it. No matter how large or small, every aspect is a piece in the puzzle of a happy and productive life.


From my perspective, life is about being happy. I believe that people seek to be happy in one way or another. Sometimes this quest leads them down a path toward what they think makes them happy, but ultimately results in only more dissatisfaction. While I don’t think that people can be perpetually happy every moment, I do feel that all of us can make decisions that move us in the general direction of what we ultimately want.


I utilize all aspects of my experiences to help my clients. Sometimes a situation calls for more of my business background. Other times it might be my many years of martial arts experience or my active Zen practice. I commit all of myself to empowering my clients. In the end, we both grow and change as a product of our relationship together.


I guess you could say that I coach not only to make others better, but also to grow myself in the process.


Born and raised in the city of Atlanta, I attended the University of Georgia where I obtained a BBA in Economics. After being in business for several years, I left the corporate world to search for more my true calling. This ultimately led me to CTI – The Coaches Training Institute where I received my Certified Professional Co-Active Coach designation.


You are not your thoughts

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world”

– The Buddha

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